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Journal 2014
This 60-page publication issued in 2014 to mark our 10th reunion describes the history of our association from 1957 to the present. Laos is is where most of us planted our roots and that's where we go back to trace them in detail.
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Filipinos in Laos Book
This 246-page volume describes our services with our former employers, among them are the following: the United States Agency for International Development, Air America Laos, Continental Air Services, Eastern Construction Company, Bird & Sons and Operation Brotherhood OB-Laos.
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Goodbye Vientiane: Untold Stories of Filipinos in Laos

Personal anecdotes of how it's like to work and live in the 1960s as expatriates in the capital city of Laos and its villages and how these experiences nurtured lifelong friendships and transformed lives. Available from author
Penelope V. Flores.
129 Bucareli Drive, San Francisco, California 94132 USA or email her at
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From Paper to Plastic
Before Mekong Circle filed papers that organized itself into a legal body known as a non-profit corporation, it was an informal group of about 50 men and women, mostly Filipino immigrants, who gathered for weekend dinners in their homes in Los Angeles, California.
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Tragedy In Paradise

Softcover 284-page book, published in 1999 is a passionate memoir of a former USAID Laos public health division head, Dr. Charles Weldon, who helped administer the Operation Brotherhood (OB) health program from 1967 to 1974. Also discusses Air America role. Includes black and white photos and two full chapters on OB. Book can be ordered from
Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations: Laos

Episode 8 of Season 4 of this series by traveller/chef/author/TV celebrity was first aired in 2008. You can watch it free from this link if you don't mind the occasional commercial breaks. For an ad-free version, order it from Amazon video for $2.99. This is not a cooking video. Bourdain skips Vientiane to visit Phonesavan and Luang Prabang in his acclaimed travelogue style that combines history and sharp insights with mesmerizing videography.
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